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We take the weekly hassle out of swimming pool maintenance, swimming pool supplies, swimming pool chemical balancing, swimming pool cleaning and pool repairs, keeping your swimming pool crystal clear and ready for you. When selecting our pool service, our weekly visit will ensure that your swimming pool has the perfect balance of chemicals to last until our next check up.

The last thing one wants when going for a refreshing dip is to be confronted by a dirty, green pond where your sparkling gem once was. We offer pool service throughout the Gauteng suburbs. We currently have a team of professional pool maintenance staff and maintain and service hundreds pools weekly in Gauteng alone. We are not limited to routine swimming pool maintenance and swimming pool repair, we also specialise in remodelling of swimming pools and spas. We have been proudly servicing the Gauteng.

We have a structured perfect swimming pool maintenance plan for our clients, and to be as hassle free and as affordable as possible leaving you to relax and enjoy your swimming pool the way it was intended to be enjoyed. When choosing our swimming pool service, we will be making your swimming experience an intoxicating one!

Our swimming pool services consist of: All pool maintenance, repair and replacement of equipment. New pump, filter, salt Chlorinator, pool skimmer box, (Aim-flow), under water light installations, weekly and fortnightly pool cleaning contracts, free Computerised Water Analysis and Chemical Advise, replacement of filter sand, leak Detection and onsite repairs, Once off pool cleaning, pool chemicals, pumps, filters, salt chlorinators, automatic pool cleaners and general pool accessories from our pool service in Gauteng and there is a delivery service when in your area.

We will leave your swimming pool ready for a week of fun and relaxation from the minute our team leaves. The price of each swimming pool maintenance contract differs depending on each swimming pool. . WE do it all from our pool service in Gauteng. We do a free delivery service when in your area for our clients.

Our swimming pool service includes a whole range of pool service and maintenance like, first class maintenance, repair and replacement of pool equipment and if your pump is tired. During our weekly visit to your pool, we ensure that your swimming pool has the perfect balance of chemicals to last until our next visit with-out making your swimming experience an intoxicating one for you.

Did you know that maintenance is the key to enjoying your pool. A nice sparkling clean and hygienic swimming pool is inviting, relaxing and a fun focus for your family. Having a consistent maintenance plan and usage of the highest quality products ensures all this. We offer our clients full pool maintenance programs. For those people who like to vacuum and take care of their own swimming pool but would like someone else to worry about maintaining the proper chemistry, we offer a weekly chemical pool maintenance program.