We rebuild, maintain, installation of pool pumps and service over 289 pools weekly in Gauteng alone. Call us today and we will be keeping your swimming pool crystal clear and ready for you to enjoy day or night. We have structured swimming pool maintenance company that is hassle free and as affordable as possible leaving you to relax and enjoy your swimming pool the way it was intended to be enjoyed. We have been proudly servicing the Gauteng area for many years and we offer our clients full or chemical pool check-up. We can come out to you and do a free computerised water analysis and chemical advise for you and your pool to make it look good all year round.

The all the people who like to vacuum and take care of their own swimming pool but would like someone else to worry about maintaining the proper stuff, we can do it for you and we will do a weekly check and we can do a chemical pool maintenance program for you. We are not limited to routine swimming pool maintenance and swimming pool repair, we also specialise in remodelling of swimming pools and all types of spas. We offer you a variety of swimming pool maintenance and pool products like automatic pool cleaners and general pool accessories and don’t forget if you want a good lasting pool insert salt chlorinators and swimming pool lights.

We offer a variety of pool services and pool products ranging from pool chemicals, pumps & filters, salt chlorinators, automatic pool cleaners, general pool accessories and pool lights. Please feel free to contact us to arrange for regular maintenance for your swimming pool or spa.